A little bit of Christmas

Items Wanted:

What we really need......  We're good at the moment, but check back as you might have something we are looking for or you may know someone who does.

Items For Sale:

Items For Sale at this time can be found on eBay.  To view our current listings, please click on the link below. 

Thompson Snow Village eBay Listings

Other Requests:

We are currently working on a project that requires a number of "power" adapter cables.  We have several Dept 56 and Lemax AC/DC power adapters but we are looking for any that have stopped working so that we can salvage the cord and mini plug for use in this project.  We would prefer units with white or ivory cords but will consider others.

We are also interested in obtaining a "Stardust Drive-In Theater" that has stopped working but is still in good shape cosmetically (ie not scratched, cracked, broken, or missing pieces).  This piece is from "The Original Snow Village" series and has a short filmstrip that loops through and projects onto a screen.  It is Department 56 Item #56.55064 issued in May, 2001 and retired in December, 2003.

E-mail us at webmaster@thompsonsnowvillage.com if you have nonfunctioning or orphaned adapters that you would like to get rid of or know of anyone that has a non-working Stardust Drive-In Theater.  Thank you.