A little bit of Christmas

Here's where I hope to start adding some of the tips, tricks, hints, and how to's of setting up a village display and information on our set-up in particular.

Thompson Snow Village Set-up 2009

Thompson Snow Village Set-up 2010

The pictures that you find at the links above show some of the new construction I completed in 2009 on our new living room display.  For 2010 I reconstructed the display platforms and backdrops in our dining room display.  For 2011, time permitting I may tweak the TV room display but it's not critical.  We keep trying to figure out ways to make the display interesting to avoid the same look every year and we keep finding new and interesting pieces to add.

It's time for the next big leap.  We had a small example in 2009 of lighted trees synchronized to music.  I'll try to post a video if I can do so easily but that may be a bit as I'm up to my neck in planning for this year's set-up so stay tuned.  I am hoping to work on this while the display is set up this year but my goal is to add the element of of lights and music to the entire display.  I've discovered some great online forums and groups that specialize in do-it-yourself Christmas Light animation and I've taken the bait.  I have the beginnings of several projects on my workbench and have some ideas in the pipeline but they will not be fully developed until next year as some new LED items are about to be released by one of my vendors.

Again stay tuned to the latest developments on what we like to call the "Blinky Flashy" project.